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Josignacio Personal Statement


I believe that since my first days as a creator, my human inner connectedness with colors and the free impulse of the subconscious mind to act to use them on my canvasses have been the lighting guide, my life motive and the key of all my creations. Mostly inspired by music, human emotions and the detailed elements the great work of perpetual validity of nature in front of my eyes.

The genetic of my executions generally consists of a careful combination of close-up images of the deep-sea flora and fauna, fossil rocks, outer space and subtly organic materials fantasized by colors.

Through color I do mostly express myself. Forms are secondary elements in my paintings in spite of sometimes I use “fusiform forms” either to encapsulate or unwrap them.

I consider myself fundamentally an “abstract, semi-abstract or neo-figurative” painter. Nevertheless in some occasions, when I got inspired by a social happening, a personal experience, a philosophical thinking or a reflection that requires some figurative elements in order for me to express it, I have never hesitate in using forms that are perfectly recognizable derived from real life more than my own imagination.

I give myself the freedom of doing whatever comes to my mind in my wide technique’s spectrum and that’s the key of my liberation as a creator.

I play with colors like a child plays with colors, in a conscious manner but following my impulses and feelings. I'm most interested in the abstract elements of the form than the form itself; the fact of the matter is that in any painted realistic object, countryside or portrait, you need to put together a great number of abstract sectors to achieve them and those sectors in my perspective are more interesting than the results.Through my own plastic paint technique I’ve found the perfect medium to express the vast majority of my ideas.

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