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"Tree of Life"

96 x 144 inches

Permanently displayed at Asbury park

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Please be advised that Josignacio's Original Photo-Fingerprinted Certificate of Authenticity and Provenance is only issued to those artworks fully conceived by the ideas of Josignacio’s mind; excluded are those artworks that have been made by the Artist Josignacio, using his technique, knowledge, and ability in the making, and not his own ideas or imagination. Examples of these artworks include, but are not limited to: specific portraits, specific commissioned works, specific colors or forms, etc.
Josignacio, in person, and of sound mind and body, hereby reserves himself the right to assign this Original Photo-Fingerprinted Certificate of Authenticity and Provenance to some of those artworks, depending on the percentage of his own ideas for them.
And are also excluded of having this certification: those artworks that have been given as Josignacio gifts to personal friends, some institutional entities and his donations to charitable foundations with the purpose of selling; unless there is a proved buyer which in such case have to follow all the procedures herein mentioned in this Legal Disclosure in the WARNING section.

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​2018: Las vegas, new york, chicago, san francisco, los angeles, miami - Madrid, barcelona, paris, moscow and dusseldorf

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Josignacio's one of his Collage Series piece titled "Self Portrait with Palette" in which he uses his actual working overalls

Josignacio poses next to one of his Collage Series piece titled "Self Portrait with Palette" in which he uses his actual working overalls

The first portrait of Martí I painted outside Cuba in 1989

This painting (a triptych) I did it inspired in the Chinese’s Silk Road Theme, and I titled it “The Big Bang” because I believe that was and actually is China the matrix of all global commerce and civilization’s development.

In this painting I depicted a semi figurative world map encapsulated in black top and white bottom (Ying – Yang). Where actual map of China is in solid gold and like a big explosion, the rest of the world echoed.

China’s contribution to the whole humanity’s development it is indisputably. As usual, I express myself through color more than forms.


Technique: Plastic Paint Medium on Wood

Size: 103 inches x 165 inches/261.62 cm x 419.10 cm

Year: 2016

Series: Abstracts 

"Fenix" Permanent collection of La casa de estudios y tradiciones chinas.